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This trip is dedicated to the memory of Maureen Bahou, RN, CRNA one of the founders of Medical Mission Group.


Pasaje, Ecuador
April 5th – 13th, 2013


Nelson Goldberg, MD  –  Medical Director

Gerald Lefever, MD – Anesthesia Director
Devin M. Upton – Team Administrator




  • C. Drogula, MD
  • N. Goldberg, MD
  • K. Mark, MD
  • W. Pound, MD
  • E. Rada, MD
  • J. Salomon, MD
  • M. Terplan, MD


  • M. Frank, RN
  • K. Kemp
  • A. Kess, RN
  • M. Neal, LPN
  • D. Gibbs
  • S. Seiter, RN

Med Student

  • E. Howarth, MS IV
  • N. Seyoum, MS IV



  • M. Cucciniello, CRNA
  • M. Eiden, CRNA
  • D. Graboff, CRNA
  • G. Lefever, MD
  • J. Oletsky, MD

Nurse Practitioner

  • R. Walsh-Keating, NP


  • L. Milton, RN
  • V. Olesen, RN
  • A. Pedulla, RN


  • A. Concannon
  • N. Cucciniello
  • M. Phaneuf, RN
  • C. Malloy
  • D. Upton


If you wish to contact the team,
please send e-mails to: