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Puerto Barrios, Guatemala,
March 2016


Cynthia Drogula MD, Medical Director
Brendan Upton, Administration




  • C. Drogula, MD
  • N. Goldberg, MD
  • D. O'Brien-Coon, MD
  • G. Saunders, MD


  • L. Craig
  • J. Curtin, RN
  • M. Herrick, RN
  • K. Kemp
  • C. Krauch, RN
  • M. Neal
  • S. Seiter, RN


  • B. Cordova, CRNA
  • D. Graboff, CRNA
  • T. Hayes, MD
  • J. Oletsky, MD



  • R. Elias, RN
  • D. Hanley, RN
  • D. Poland, RN

Med Student

  • L. Bomze, MSIV
  • J. Michel-Rudy, MSIV
  • X. Zhang, MSIV

Nurse Practitioner

  • K. Begley-Pritzker, NP


  • J. Oletsky
  • A. Sharoky
  • B. Upton
  • D. Upton, CBET


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please send e-mails to: